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It Started on Yancy Street
Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #15 - It Started on Yancy Street
Original Airdate - October 21, 1967

As the Fantastic Four answer the Yancy Street Gang's challenge to Ben, they quickly discover that it was a trap, and are attacked by three mutant apes. The Red Ghost then appears, having escaped from the Moon, and takes the Four back to the Moon in his rocketship. He jettisons the team to the Moon's surface, and with the help of Sue's force field, quickly attempt to make their way to the inhabitable blue area of the Moon. They end up inside the underground home of the Watcher, who tells them by thought-image that he cannot help them against the Red Ghost, and warns them not to touch any of the machines in his lab for their own safety. Meanwhile, the Red Ghost hold the world to ransom, but his rocket is soon brought back down to the Moon by Reed. The Red Ghost follows Johnny back to the Watcher's base, and there, the Four have to stop the villain and his super apes.

Notes: Based on "It Started On Yancy Street!" from Fantastic Four #29 (August 1964), written by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby.

Review: As a sequel to "The Red Ghost", this episode works rather well, with Red Ghost using his smarts to lure the FF into his Yancy Street trap. Having the FF and the Red Ghost being forced to work together as they all travel towards the Moon is a nice change, but this part of the story takes up a little too much time; half the episode is already over by the time they reach the Moon.

On the Moon, we at last get some explanations that were absent from the first episode, such as the blue city on the Moon actually having an atmosphere and somehow being connected to the Watcher. His re-appearance is an interesting development, and allows him to show off some of his 'far out' artifacts from distant worlds, once again introducing some very imaginative 'cosmic' ideas into the show as with the Galactus episode.