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Three Predictions of Dr. Doom
Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #6 - Three Predictions of Dr. Doom
Original Airdate - October 28, 1967

Dr. Doom appears on the Fantastic Four's TV, and challenges them to a duel to the finish. He predicts that he will remove the heart of the team, remove the team's greatest strength and finally, that the strongest power will conquer all. As Sue takes part in a photo shoot, Doom kidnaps her and takes her to his base, thus removing the team's heart. The rest of the team take part in a conference at the U.N., where Doom announces that he will destroy every major city on Earth with tidal waves unless he is voted world ruler. He demonstrates his power on an abandoned navy yard, and tells the team not to stop his plans as he has Sue. Reed tracks down Doom's airship, and the team go there to rescue Sue. On board, Doom attacks them with a cosmic ray gun, and turns Ben back to his human form, removing the team's greatest strength. Ben sacrifices his humanity, becoming the Thing again, and sets forth to rescue the rest of the team, evade Doom's booby traps and prevent the super-villain's plan from succeeding.

Notes: Based on "Defeated By Dr. Doom!" from Fantastic Four #17 (August 1963), written by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby.

Review: Finally, the FF versus Dr. Doom!

Doom himself actually has a somewhat camp voice, not really befitting the character. Fortunately that doesn't extend to his characterization, which is just as ruthless as ever when it comes to the FF!

Although once again we have a villain whose first step is to capture Sue first and hold her hostage. Thanks to Doom's ingenious cosmic ray weapon, we at least get to see Ben become fully human again, with him naturally being the only one who can save the other members of the team.

Because of that situation, we see a very selfless act on the part of Ben, as he becomes the Thing again to free his friends and save the world. Disappointingly, this moment is brief, and quickly forgotten once the status quo is restored.

This episode in general relies on too many simple gimmicks from Doom rather than a strong central concept.