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Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #1 - Klaws
Original Airdate - October 7, 1967

Reed is exploring sub-space with his equipment while Johnny takes a vacation. Soon however, Klaws, the master of sound arrives at the Baxter Building and attacks the remainder of the team with sonic booms. He traps Reed and Ben with a wall of solid sound waves, but Ben breaks through. Klaws tries to get Sue to call back Johnny, but she resists, and Ben attempts to stop him. Klaws defeats Ben with another sonic blast, but Johnny returns with vibranium bands after Reed gets a message to him. Now all assembled, the Fantastic Four then does battle with the powerful Klaws.

Notes: Based on "Klaw, The Murderous Master Of Sound!" from Fantastic Four #56 (November 1966), written by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby.
This episode is only 10 minutes long, and is often paired with "The Red Ghost".

Review: An interesting start for the 1967 Fantastic Four series, especially as it somewhat predicts the 1978 show by only featuring (for the most part) three members of the team, with Johnny going off on vacation at the start of the episode!

Being only 10 minutes long isn't to the episode's advantage, as Klaw (surprisingly unlike most other villains in the series), simply turns up out of nowhere to do battle with the Fantastic Four, with no elaboration on why he wants revenge on them specifically rather than wanting to take over the world.

Nevertheless, the team is portrayed faithfully, with Reed immersed in his fanciful experiments to the chagrin of Ben. Predictably for a show of this vintage, Sue doesn't get much to do and Johnny turns up at the end to seal Klaw's defeat. Given the time constraints, only Reed is seen using his powers to their greatest extent, with even Ben pushed to the sidelines.

Altogether a fun, if simplistic, start to the show!