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Danger in the Depths
Review and Media by Jon T

Episode #11 - Danger in the Depths
Original Airdate - November 18, 1967

Johnny is testing his ability to throw flares when he notices a strange object emerging from the sea. A blue-skinned woman emerges and introduces herself as Lady Dorma of Pacifica. She asks the Fantastic Four for help in fighting the tyrant Attuma, whom she inadvertently allowed to defeat the kingdom's rightful ruler, Prince Triton. Realizing her mistake, she sought out the help of the Four to help stop Attuma's conquest. Reed uses an oxy-spray to help the team breathe underwater, and together with Dorma they journey to Pacifica. They proceed to battle Attuma's forces and make their way into the royal palace. There, the meet up with Prince Triton and assist him in his struggle against Attuma and his forces.

Notes: Based on "Side-By-Side With Sub-Mariner!" from Fantastic Four #33 (December 1964), written by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby.
Prince Triton is of course meant to be Prince Namor, the Sub- Mariner. Due to the Grantray-Lawrence studio (who animated the 1966 Sub-Mariner animated show) still owning the rights to the character, he was changed to Prince Triton, who apart from having blue skin and a helmet, looks more or less exactly like Namor.

Review: This episode starts off with an intriguing introduction to Lady Dorma, who comes with plenty of back-story to set up the rest of the tale. With Attuma already having started his invasion of Pacifica saves a lot of time, and with Dorma herself partially responsible for Attuma's recent invasion adds an extra layer of characterization that's a most welcome change.

The underwater effects are pretty traditional for shows of this time, and so are serviceable without being too distracting. For those who may be wondering, Prince Triton does indeed look and act a lot like the Sub-Mariner he replaces; he's basically Namor with blue skin (like all other underwater dwellers) and a helmet. One could easily imagine that underneath that helmet are Namor's distinctive pointed ears!

This is the first time we really get to see the Fantastic Four versus hordes of enemies in the form of Attuma's army, and it's a great showcase for the whole team's ingenuity in action.

Definitely the most action-packed episode so far!