Episode #15: Strings
Original Airdate: August 25th, 2007

The Fantastic Four are evicted from the Baxter Building! The sinister Puppet Master has managed to turn the entire city against the FF from inside his prison cell, and itís up to them to clear their good names. Whatís more, they must stop Puppet Master from completing his ultimate goalóto control the mind of every person on the planet!

Story By Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Written by Josh Fine
Directed by Franck Miohel
Music by Noam Kaniel
Animation By Sunmin/ The Animation Studio/ Fantasta

Mr. Fantastic - Hiro Kanagawa
Invisible Woman - Lara Gilchrist
The Thing - Brian Dobson
Human Torch - Christopher Jacot

Stu - This episode sees The Puppet Master return as he slowly begins to ruin The Fantastic Four and turn their lives upside down. I was greatly impressed with The Puppet Masterís previous appearance in this show but this was trumped it in every way possible as the episode is full of great twists and brilliant ideas. I especially liked that the villain was controlling everything from his cell in prison and practically living like a king due to controlling just about everyone around him.

The episode is slightly darker than a lot of the previous episodes, but thereís an astounding number of great laughs in here, most of them coming from the Fantastic Four having to get jobs. The look on the kids face as Reed tried to teach them physics had me in stitches as did the teams attempts to find out who was turning the city against them. Look for awesome cameos from The Skrulls, Doom, Mole Man, Giganto and best of all, The Skrulls. I love this showís version of The Skrulls, I think making them into a intergalactic race of complete dumb asses was a masterstroke.

I like follow ups much more than origin stories and they didnít disappoint here with the handling of The Puppet Masterís return, and they didnít mishandle Ronan and The Skrulls either. The series has been picking up a lot of steam in some of the recent episodes and I canít wait to see where else they do. With the show presumably returning in June, I hope people actually stick around and watch it this time instead of picking it apart because itís not Justice League Unlimited.

Overall, I donít really have much to add other than the fact this episode stands as one of the shows best. Thanks again, YTV!


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