Episode #7: De-Mole-Ition
Original Airdate: July 28th, 2007

The deviant monster GIGANTO bursts up from the underground, putting a quick stop to the Fantastic Fourís day off. Now itís up to them to stop the monster from destroying the city. But the FF quickly realize that the giant monster has a specific targetÖ the BAXTER BUILDING! The mystery of the monsterís appearance will lead the FF deeper into Subterranea than theyíve ever gone, and right into a TRAP. The MOLE MAN sent Giganto to attack the FF, but has a grander scheme in the works. Because the only thing better than having Giganto destroy the FF is to control an ARMY of Gigantos.

Story By Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Written by Bob Forward
Directed by Franck Miohel
Music by Noam Kaniel
Animation By Sunmin/ The Animation Studio/ Fantasta

Mr. Fantastic - Hiro Kanagawa
Invisible Woman - Lara Gilchrist
The Thing - Brian Dobson
Human Torch - Christopher Jacot
The Mole Man - Paul Dobson

Arsenal - One of my first concerns I had with "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes" was the portrayal of Sue. After 30 seconds of having been introduced to her, she fainted. Frickin' fainted.

At that point, I wrote Sue off. Mea culpa. Since that one moment, this Sue has been about ten types of awesome.

She is the highlight of De-Mole-Ition. She plays den mother (not just to her team, but to a baby, rock monster thing,) wrecks Johnny's car, spoofs the cover of FF #1 and gets the best quip in an episode with several.

Sue: We're not seriously going to call that thing Giganto, are we?

The four's interaction is still the best part of the series, and when the villain literally pops up, it feels like an interruption.

The Mole Man is a loser villain, always has been and always will be. Nothing is done to remedy him here. He's a drain on the episode, but not so much that it kills the buzz.

Light, funny and filled with Sue Storm-goodness, De-Mole-Ition is one of the better episodes thus far. That having been said, it's far from epic; but, then again, I don't think that's the point of a Mole Man-centric episode.


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