Episode #11: Bait And Switch
Original Airdate: June 30th, 2007

While Reed conducts an experiment designed to cure Ben Grimm, thereís an energy disruption which causes the experiment to go haywire! Now the Fantastic Fourís powers have switched, but they donít have time to get used to them before they have to save the city. Because the energy disruption that caused the accident was the work of Doctor Doom, and now the FF, new powers and all, have to stop Doom before he destroys the city with his scheme.

Story By Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Written by Bob Forward
Directed by Franck Miohel
Music by Noam Kaniel
Animation By Sunmin/ The Animation Studio/ Fantasta

Mr. Fantastic - Hiro Kanagawa
Invisible Woman - Lara Gilchrist
The Thing - Brian Dobson
Human Torch - Christopher Jacot

Arsenal - This time instead of everyone switching bodies, the protagonists switch powers. No, it's not particularly original. However, the simple conceit is used brilliantly.

Each of the Four's voice actors get to stretch their chops by imitating each other's vocal tics. (Johnny and Reed are the best, but both Ben and Sue get good lines too.)

Each power switch and the ensuing jokes are played brilliantly: the sight gags stemming from Ben's inability to control the stretching; Johnny mocking Sue's "lame" powers; Reed's dumbening... wait, dumbening isn't even a word.

Also, this episode contains the best line in the series thus far. Ben says it while Reed is experimenting on a piece of broccoli.

"I'm going to end up fighting this, aren't I."

This episode has a great script and the actors did it justice. Even with a shoehorned Dr. Doom subplot, this is still probably the best episode of the series so far.


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