Episode #21: Atlantis Attacks
Original Airdate: September 22nd, 2007

Namor the Sub-Mariner has returned, but this time (although he’d never admit it) he needs the Fantastic Four’s help! Atlantis has been overthrown by a barbarian called Attuma, and he’s threatening to invade the surface world. Johnny comes up with an excuse to stay home and dry - someone has to safeguard the city - while the FF head to Atlantis. But Johnny doesn’t realize that Atlantis’ attack has already begun in the form of a giant, mutated whale. Meanwhile, the FF discover that Atlantis poses a threat far greater than they ever imagined.

Story By Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Written by Bob Forward
Directed by Franck Miohel
Music by Noam Kaniel
Animation By Sunmin/ The Animation Studio/ Fantasta

Mr. Fantastic - Hiro Kanagawa
Invisible Woman - Lara Gilchrist
The Thing - Brian Dobson
Human Torch - Christopher Jacot
Namor - Michael Adamthwaite

Arsenal - There are only two Namor plots, it seems. One: Namor grows tired of the surface world, decides to attack, but is talked out of it by the other heroes. Two: Namor is overthrown and requires the help of other heroes to reclaim his throne.

(You can also substitute the name “Aquaman” for “Namor” and the rule also applies.)

When Namor appeared in Fantastic Four: TAS, they used plot one. When he appeared in the Avengers: United we Stand, they used plot two. In FF: WGH, they used plot one for his first appearance and plot two for his second.

(For Aquaman, they used plot one during his Superman guest spot and saved plot two for the Justice League.)

I like Namor. I like how the creators of FF: WGH characterize him, but they need to do better than leaning on the same two cliché plots. I felt like I was watching a rerun, because I have already seen this plot several times.

The subplot with Johnny fighting a gigantic sea monster had some interesting visuals and an amusing conclusion, but the creators need to find something new to do with “Atlantis.”


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