Bios - The Human Torch/Johnny Storm

Voiced by: Christopher Jacot
First Appearance: Trial By Fire

Johnny Storm, AKA “The Human Torch”, is the young wise-cracking comic relief of the team. After the space station accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers, Johnny has the power to “Flame-On!”, where he can cover his body in flames and utilize fire blasts and other abilities. Brother to Sue Storm, he acts as annoying young brother as well as a team player. He is quick to get Ben Grimm, “The Thing” riled up by making a quip at Ben’s expense or playing a prank on the “ever-lovin’” guy. Though Johnny doesn’t always understand what Reed Richards is saying, he follows Reed’s lead and does his part. Johnny doesn’t mind taking advantage of public attention and swooning women as he saves the world as part of “The World’s Greatest Heroes!”

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