Bios - Super Skrull

Voiced by: Unknown
First Appearance: Revenge Of The Skrulls

A Skrull commander who was in league with the Skrull enemy Ronan The Accuser, Super Skrull gained the abilities of each of the Fantastic Four using the genetic samples The Skrulls stole in their first encounter with the four.

Training vigorously and watching their every move for months, Super Skrull returned to Earth in hopes of crushing The Fantastic Fourů except for Johnny, who Ronan requested for himself. After defeating Sue and Reed and sending Johnny to Ronan, the remaining Skrulls questioned why he had not shared the Super Skrull formula with them, unaware that he and Ronan were partners and that Ronan supplied him with the formula.

With Ben saving Reed and Sue and Johnny escaping, Johnny informed the Skrulls that their commander and Ronan were in allegiance with one another and Super Skrull fled.

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