Bios - Namor

Voiced by: Unknown
First Appearance: Imperious Rex
Namor, The Sub-Mariner, bans the surface world from using the world's oceans on behalf of the kingdom of Atlantis. Amidst a wide spread attack of sea monsters against humankind, the Fantastic Four take action to try to reason with Namor.

After a difficult encounter with Namor on the surface, Sue and Johnny Storm follow him underwater to further reason with him. Not long after descending into the depths of the ocean, Sue and Johnny are captured by Atlanteans. Knowing where Sue and Johnny were headed, Reed Richard and Ben Grimm dive to the deep reaches of the ocean in the Fantasticar only to end up stuck with Johnny and Sue in Namor's palace in Atlantis.

Namor, impressed by Sue Storm's strong character, demands that she stay with him as ambassador to the surface world. After some deliberation between Sue and the rest of her team, they decide that Sue can't stay with Namor. Angered, Namor and his Atlantian guards battle the Fantastic Four only to accept defeat against Sue and her teammates. Namor sets the team free and calls off his monsters' attack on the surface world, but his fascination with Sue remains, as well his disapproval for the surface world, despite his current compromise...

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