Bios - H.E.R.B.I.E.

Voiced by: Sam Vincent
First Appearance: Trial By Fire

HERBIE is the single most advanced artificial intelligence on the planet. Created by Reed Richards, HERBIE is the mind and persona behind Reed’s computer systems. He handles the lab, the building security systems, controls the elevators, and even takes care of household pests.

HERBIE is typically a happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic personality; however, high pressure situations, contradictory commands, or just being confronted with the impossible can send HERBIE into a tail spin. He can be an eager to please child, or can have a neurotic, fear-induced meltdown. The slightest thought that Reed is unhappy with him is one thing that will make him crazy. For a computer, HERBIE is a bit young and naïve. He doesn’t quite have a handle on other people’s emotions yet—confusing ‘happy’ with ‘sad,’ for instance. Delivering bad news with a perky, excited voice is something he doesn’t see a problem with.

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