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When Calls Galactus
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 21 - When Calls Galactus
Original Airdate 18th November 1995

Still Depressed over Crystal, Johnny meets a girl named Frankie Raye, who also possesses the ability to control and manipulate flames. Meanwhile, Terrax attacks Manhattan and raises the island several miles into the air and demands the Fantastic Four find and kill Galactus for him.

Written By Jay Strand
Directed By Richard Trueblood
Music By William Anderson and Anderson Scores
Animation Services Provided By PASI (Philippines)
Guest Starring: Tony Jay as Galactus, Ron Friendberg as Terrax, Leeza Miller as Frankie, Richard Greico as Ghost Rider, John Rhys Davies as Thor
Based on The Fantastic Four #67

Review: Arguably the finest episode of the show, When Calls Galactus is more or less the follow up to To Battle a Living Planet. The opening was particularly amusing, as the FF is surrounded by their fans whilst trying to eat dinner. Ron Friedman one said that he thought of the FF as “rock star superheroes”, this episode show’s that angle, and unlike Friedman’s episodes, it shows it well. Another interesting note is that there was a small cameo of Dr. Franklin Storm. The viewer obviously won’t know who he is, as we haven’t seen Behold, A Distant Star yet, but still, it must be cool for the fan boys.

It was weird seeing Galactus so weak. He still had his awesome booming voice, but you could tell the storyboard artists and directors gave it their all to make him seem week. Sitting down instead of towering over everyone, slouching in his chair, his head titled, his eyes glazed, it was good stuff. Once again, the colorists were inconsistent with his eyes (they’re black and red dammit!)

The episode also featured the return of Thor. I thought this was beyond cool, as I loved his first appearance in the Ego episode, and he was just as great here. It’s obvious the FF is outmatched against Galactus, so it’s cool to see other people helping them out. Thor isn’t the only guest star, however. Ghost Rider’s appearance here was awesome, and his defeat of Galactus was absolutely superb. It made for a brilliant ending!

Galactus’ speech at the end was arguably the high point of the series. It fitting wrapped up Galactus’ story. After an abysmal first series appearance, it’s great to see the character get the treatment he deserves!