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The Silver Surfer and the Return of Galactus
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 13 - The Silver Surfer And The Return Of Galactus
Original Airdate 17th December 1994

Dr. Doom returns and steals The Silver Surfers power cosmic. Now, with an unlimited amount of power, how can the Fantastic Four stop Dr. Doom.

Written By: Ron Friedman
Music By: Giorgio Moroder
Guest Starring: Neil Ross as Dr. Doom, Tony Jay as Galactus, Robin Sachs as The Silver Surfer

Review: This ending mightíve actually had a cool surprise in it had they not chose to reveal it in the episodeís title; a baffling decision, as it distracts the reviewer and makes them anticipate (or dread, in this case) his arrival. When you get to the last few minutes, one has to wonder, ďOK where is he?Ē

If you want to see this episode done correctly, Iíd recommend that you watch the second season finale. Once again, the episode was a pretty good idea, horribly executed. This episode is more or less on average with the rest of the season, and I personally was glad to see the back of it. Dr. Doom still looked crap, as did Galactus and Silver Surfer.

Itís most important for its great accomplishment, ending the first season. If these chumps hadnít have produced this season and left it to talented people, we arguably could've had one of the best superhero cartoons ever. Good riddance.