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Review and Media by Stu

Episode 07 - Superskrull
Original Airdate 5th November 1994

The Skrulls, angered at how easily Reed made their race look like fools, send an all-powerful Skrull to destroy them. How can The Fantastic Four beat an opponent who posses all of their combined powers?

Story By Ron Friedman, Teleplay by Don Segal
Guest starring Neil Ross as Superskrull

Review: Another Skrull episode, another waste of time; after the previous abysmal Skrull episode, no one in their right mind would want to see them again. It was simply far too difficult to see them as anything other than a complete joke after the monster movie debacle.

The episode could’ve been so much better. The villain of the piece, Superskrull, had all the powers of the FF, put together. As with practically every single villain on the show, Neil Ross provided the voice of Superskrull. Credit to him for his performances in this season, sometimes I feel like he’s the only one trying.

One of the most confusing things ever happened in this episode. When did Reed gain the ability to turn into a tree? No explanation, it’s just a tree…next itDid the producers of this show actually watch it once they finished an episode?

Another crappy episode, with an incredibly 2 dimensional villain and yet more annoying ‘humor’ from Ms. Forbes. Ugh…