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Prey of the Black Panther
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 20 - Prey Of The Black Panther
Original Airdate 11th November 1995

The Black Panther leads The Fantastic Four to Africa, and attacks them to prepare himself for a fight against Claw, a supervillain made of sound.

Written By: Glenn Leopold
Directed By: Thomas McLaughlin Jr
Music By: William Anderson and Anderson Scores
Animation By: PASI (Philippines)
Guest Starring: Keith David as The Black Panther, Charles Howarton As Claw
Based on Fantastic Four #52 + 53

Review: Prey of the Black Panther is arguably the poorest episode of the second season. The whole premises of the episode was so full of plot holes it’s too hard to simply ignore them. If it wasn’t for the quality of the visuals it could almost be confused with an episode of the first season…almost.

The villain of the piece, Claw, was retarded quite frankly. He could control sound waves. Some how, these sound waves could be used to create animals. His origin was also quite bizarre.

The Black Panther seemed like a cool enough character, but was handled horribly. His origin, in particular was confusing. It’s similar (a little too similar if you ask me) to Batman’s, only it’s well, confusing. He spends years training his body and mind in order to defeat Claw, who’s a mere mortal. He then ‘tests’ himself against the FF, challenging them to see if he has what it takes to beat Claw, who doesn’t have any powers, or any fighting skills.

The conclusion is too rushed to be good. The amount of time it takes to defeat Claw is basically non-existent. As is Black Panthers attempt to give up his mantle. It takes The Thing, like, a sentence to convince him not to give up. The Black Panther seems like an interesting character. Has a great voice in Keith David too. Only this version sucked horribly.