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Behold The Negative Zone
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 12 - Behold The Negative Zone
Original Airdate 10th December 1994

Reed accidentally opens a portal in the Baxter Building, as 2 opposing leaders from other worlds jump through the negative zone and declare war against each other over earth.

Written By: Ron Friedman
Music By: Giorgio Moroder
Guest Starring: Ron Friedman as Blastarr

Review: Every so often in a show, there comes along an episode where you seriously ponder what the writer justified its existence with. Even good shows have it. Batman’s “Moon of the Wolf”, Spider-Man’s “The Rocket Racer” and Justice League’s “War World”. This episode is one of those episodes. After viewing it, I genuinely contemplated simply typing “This episode sucked on every single level” for this review, and leaving it at that. Yes folks, along with the long-winded snore fest “The Mask of Doom” this was the one episode I was dreading to watch once again.

The villains are utterly pointless in their existence. For 2/3 of the episode, Anhilus does nothing but grunt incoherently, speaking complete gibberish. Blasstar, whilst managing to resemble something along the lines of The King’s English, does nothing worth nothing either.

Once again, Reed saves the day after fighting the villain proofs fruitless, and creates some complete BS device that sends them back to their respective worlds; arguably the worst episode of any Marvel show ever.