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The Mask of Doom, Part 2
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 09 - The Mask Of Doom, Part 2
Original Airdate 19th November 1994

Dr. Doom kidnaps Sue Storm and blackmails the remaining Fantastic Four into doing his bidding in order for her to remain unharmed. Whilst Sue is held prisoner, she convinces Doom to explain his origins to her.

Written By: Elwin Ransom and Ron Friedman
Music By: Giorgio Moroder
Guest Voices: Neil Ross as Dr. Doom

Review: First off, a good third of this episode was the exact same footage from part one. I kid you not. There was a good 5 or 6 minutes of Doom recapping his tale about this Father complete with the same animation from part one. Considering how quickly the final fight with Doom was over in part 3, you’d think they would use the time they had better. A 3-part story with a rushed ending is simply inexcusable.

Most of this episode simply wasn’t needed. It took the FF far too long to get into Doom’s castle, and they were caught within seconds; a big build up, with a conclusion that made it all irrelevant.

Thankfully, someone fixed Dr. Doom’s design. It still sucked terribly of course, but it was a lot better without the glowing eyes. One of the more ironic aspect of this show is that with the several different designs/voices of Doom, not one of them even compares to the one who appeared in the Secret Wars arc over in Spider-Man, or even his brilliant character in the 1980’s solo Spider-Man show. We’ll forget about his appearance in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends…

Still… even The Fantastic Mr. Frump had more going for it than this; truly a waste of time.