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Inhumans Saga (Pt. 3): Beware the Hidden Land
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 17 - The Inhumans Saga Part 3, Beware The Hidden Land
Original Airdate 14th October 1995

Upon teleporting back to the great refuge, The Inhumans learn that Maximus The Mad has now declared himself King, and demands Medusa’s hand in marriage. Meanwhile, The Fantastic Four search for Johnny and discover the great refuge for themselves.

Written By: Glenn Leopold
Directed By: Enersto Lopez and Tom Tararanowicz
Music By: William Anderson and Anderson Scores
Animation Services By: PASI (Philippines)
Guest Starring: Iona Morris as Madama Medusa, Micheal Dorn as Gorgon, Kathy Ireland as Crystal, Mark Hamill as Maximus The Mad
Based on The Fantastic Four #46-47

Review: Certainly a dramatic shift from the previous chapters, but entertaining nevertheless; we’re now introduced to the great refuge, and it’s explained why The Inhumans are different from everyone else on Earth. Basically, they similar to mutants, they evolved differently from man centuries ago and instead of living with the primitive race, built their own world and dubbed it The Great Refuge.

This episode basically sets the stage for the rest of the season. Johnny somehow manages to fall in love with 2 different girls in a few mere hours, and spends the rest of the season mopping about the later one. It got pretty annoying after a while, as these episodes show that they barely knew one another, and made his grief seem somewhat laughable.

On a positive side, Maximus the Mad is perfectly voiced by non other than Mark Hamill himself! The Inhumans had some great voice actors, most of whom were especially good at showing just that little hint of arrogance, as they think they are both everyone else on Earth.

Overall, not as good as part one, but better than part 2.