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Inhumans Saga (Pt. 2): The Inhumans Among Us
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 16 - The Inhumans Saga Part 2, The Inhumans Among Us
Original Airdate 7th October 1995

Johnny, tired of beating treated like a kid drives off, before being taken hostage by Medusa. Gorgon then chases them, as Medusa finally remembers who she is, and why Gorgon is after her. The Fantastic Four then discover his hideout, and meet Blackbolt, leader of the Inhumans.

Written By: Glenn Leopold
Directed By: Thomas McLaughlin Jr.
Music By: William Anderson and Anderson Scores
Animation By: PASI (Philippines)
Guest Starring: Iona Morris as Madama Medusa, Micheal Dorn as Gorgon, Kathy Ireland as Crystal
Based on Fantastic Four #44-45

Review: Now they’ve defeated The Frightful Four, the story turns to focus on the one who Johnny let get away, Madame Medusa. After basically being ignored in the season opener, this episode focused more on the hints dropped in the previous episode, Johnny is sick of being treated like a kid by the rest of The Fantastic Four. This type of storyline always seems to get old fast and here is no exception.

The Torch’s new voice actor doesn’t help the story; he simply comes across as a whiney little brat. Quinton Flynn replaced Brian Austin Green for the second season onwards, but both voices lacked were a little lackluster in my opinion, which is a great shame, because the remaining 3 members of The Fantastic Four had voices that fit them perfectly.

Gorgon, the main villain of the piece so to speak also had a particular powerful voice in Michael Dorn, also known to comic book fans as Kalibak and Steel from the WB’s Superman series, and Kraven The Hunter in the 2003 CGI Spider-Man series. The main problem with him was his power. He had a physical presence; to be sure, he looked and sounded like a threatening villain should. But whenever he stamped his foot, it made a noise not unlike the same Ms. Pacman makes when she eats those little yellow balls. It’s very amusing, in all the wrong ways.

Part 2 is easily the weakest part of the story, but it introduces the rest of the Inhumans, and the main point of all the episodes, Crystal. The romance here is slightly jarring, as they seem to be madly in love with each other, despite only knowing each other for a combined total of 13 minutes and 42 seconds.

Overall, the weakest link in an otherwise entertaining chain.