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Inhumans Saga (Pt. 1): And the Wind Cries Medusa
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 15 - The Inhumans Saga Part 1, The Wind Cries Medusa
Original Airdate 30th September 1995

Whilst struggling to cope with being turned back into an ugly orange brute The Thing is brainwashed by The Wizard and his Frightful Four in a plan to kill Reed. Will Ben kill his best friend?

Written By: Glenn Leopold
Directed By: Ernesto Lopez, Graham Morris, Tom Taranowicz
Music By: William Anderson and Anderson Scores
Animation By: PASI (Philippines)
Guest Starring: Brad Garret as Hydro Man, Ron Perlman as The Wizard, Iona Morris as Madama Medusa.
Based on Fantastic Four ## 36 & 41-43

Review: This episode is my favorite of The Inhumans saga. Itís always tricky to do 3 part stories, because the pacing is often off-putting, part 1 is too slow, very little happens in part 2, part 3 starts things gets to the point. Whilst this is nothing compared to Spider-Manís The Alien Costume 3 part story, it works in a similar way, in that all parts are arguably a stand alone episodes in themselves, but work much better together, as oppose to something like Worldís Finest, which works so well as a movie itís difficult to tell were one part begins and another ends.

The beginning was great, with Ben walking through the rain. Finally, character development! Iíve always found the fact that The Thing hates himself to be the most interesting side of his character, so it was nice seeing it animated. As always, if featured a great performance from Chuck McCann.

After a string of pathetic villains from season one, we finally see some half decent ones in The Frightful Four. The Wizard impressed me; he had motivation for his crimes. It doesnít sound like much, but after a full year worth of villains who wanted to rule the world for no particular reason, it was nice to The Wizard wanted revenge because of the common man being able to afford Reedís inventions, whilst Wizard simply made whatever was needed of him for the highest possible price.

The remaining 3 members included Medusa, who is basically a shell here who gets her development in the following parts, whilst Hydro Man and The Trapster are basically thugs for hire. Hydro Man isnít similar at all to his Spider-Man TAS character and has a new, inferior voice.

As with the previous episode, it was simply great to see The Fantastic Four get some development, even if it is the stereotypical teenager angry because heís being treated like a kid. The best part, again, similar to A Blind Man Shall Lead Them is The Thingís characterization, still depressed by his appearance, and now because of The Wizardís invention, he blames Reed. Some great scenes between the two of them.