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Hopelessly Impossible
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 24 - Hopelessly Impossible
Original Airdate 1oth February 1996

The Impossible Man is on the run, fearing for his life because Superskrull is chasing him. Johnny agrees to protect him if he tells Lockjaw to teleport him to the Great Refuge so he can finally see Crystal again.

Written By Greg Johnson
Directed By Thomas McLaughlin Jr.
Music by William Anderson and Anderson Scores
Animation By: PASI (Philippines)
Guest Starring: Jess Harnell as Impossible Man/Superskrull

Review: The second season simply has to be considered a vast improvement over the first season. It actually thought its ideas out, gave its character some development and completely did its terrible visuals up from scratch. However, even this season was filled with one or two stupid decisions; this episode, for example.

Iím not sure who decided to do a clip show with so few episodes in the can, but it simply didnít pay off. The new footage, like this review, is short, as in, practically non-existent. Some of it was amusing, specifically The Impossible Man turning into Galactus and simply kicking Super Skrull into orbit. However, an episode filled with random, previously seen fight scenes isnít much fun. Iím sure something better couldíve gone in here, especially considering the season only had 13 episodes.

It didnít really develop anything new. Itís somewhat enjoyable, but it canít be denied that the episode is a waste of time.