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Behold A Distant Star
Review and Media by Stu

Episode 23 - Behold A Distant Star
Original Airdate 3rd February 1996

Sue needs life saving surgery and the only person capable of performing it is her father but he’s has been in hiding for years since being accused of murder. When he arrives to save his Daughter to help, he is arrested after the operation. Meanwhile, Super Skrull returns and takes Franklin Storm's place to exact revenge.

Written By: Steve Granat and Cydne Clark
Directed By: Ernesto Lopez
Music By: William Anderson and Anderson Scores
Animation By: PASI (Philippines)
Guest Starring: Mary Kay Bergman as Princess Anelle , Dan Gilvezan as Warlord Morrat, Richard McGonacle as Dr. Franklin Storm, Neil Ross as Superskrull

Review: An incredibly shocking episode! For starters, the opening completely whooped ass! It featured the FF fighting a Skrull robot ship and featured some great storyboarding and visuals. The conclusion to said fight was surprising, in the same vain as Batman’s”I Am The Night” in which everything seems to be going great and then bang! One of your team is down.

The shocks continued with the return of Sue and Johnny’s dad, Dr. Franklin Richards who performed the surgery to save his daughter’s life. Given how pathetic the first season was with… everyone’s characterization it never really explained anyone’s back story which means the all the pre-superhero stuff had to be left up to the viewer, until now.

However, the most shocking scene was his death, after having a bomb rigged to him after being teleported down from the Skrull’s ship. It was such a weird moment, specifically given when the show was aired. Wolverine couldn’t punch a guy, yet the same people who made X-Men managed to have Sue’s Dad die right in front of her.

The fight on the Skrull’s planet was sort of anti-climatic, as I for one was still shocked at what just happened. The death of the Skrull Warlock was something I couldn’t really care about, and his fiancé grieving was wasted on me as I was like “Oh. He’s dead too.”; overall a shocking but very enjoyable episode.