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First Appearance: The Silver Surfer And The Coming Of Galactus, Part 2
Voice: Ron Feinberg
Bio: Once a bloodthirsty tyrant on his own world, Galactus chose Terrax as his new herald in order to avoid the situation that he faced with The Silver Surfer. Galactus wanted a herald without any morals. After gaining the power cosmic, Terrax soon became weary of being a lackey, and yearned to be a king once again. After making Galactus feed upon a poisonous planet, severely weakening him, Terrax blackmailed The Fantastic Four and demanded they defeat Galactus, as they had previously done. After Galactus began feeding upon the power cosmic that Terrax used in his battle with the Fantastic Four, he regained his strength and stripped Terrax of his power and killed him.