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Review And Media by Stu

Episode Episode #3 - Kang
Original Airdate November 13th, 1999

The villainous Kang travels from the future in order to steal a crystal that will allow him to commit crimes in other times.

Credits (Part One)
Written By: Brooks Wachtel
Directed By: Ron Myrick
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Sae Rom
Guest Starring: Martin Roach as The Falcon, Ron Rubin as The Vision, Rod Wilson as Ant-Man, Linda Ballantyne as The Wasp, Stavroula Logothettis as Scarlet Witch and Lenore Zann as Tigra.

Review: Our first normal episode of The Avengers and there’s still no good to be found in the episode. Kang was better than I expected, and a much better villain than Ultron, but the majority of the episode is tedious, and Kang’s defeat was pathetically obvious to even those barely paying attention.

We’re three episodes and I still don’t care for any of the main characters like I feel I should be. They’re all so simply clichéd and unimaginative that they’re becoming tiresome. I remind you again, we’re three episodes in. Ant Man is simply a joke – I’ve no idea who decided to make this C stringer the group’s leader, but damn, he’s simply painful to watch. Speaking of painful, the transformation sequences from the opening episodes return, and they’re still cringe-worthy. These stupid armour up sequences need to stop. I don’t mind the repeated animation for the transformation sequences if it’s done well to begin with, the changing sequences in the 1980’s The Incredible Hulk for example, but The Avengers is so loud, cheesy and tacky. I roll my eyes at it every time.

I’ve read some scathing reviews of this show online so I was prepared for the worst, but I’ve yet to find even the slightest thing that I like about the show. The roster sucks, the characters are lame, the voices are awful, the designs are crap and the music doesn’t fare much better. Comparing this to the likes of Spider-Man, X-Men or Iron Man is pointless, even on the aforementioned shows worst day, it’s still so much better than this tripe. Yes, even The Sea Shall Give Up It’s Dead is better than this.

Do I dare watch the rest of the series?


Part One