Episode #51 Live Kree or Die
Original Airdate - November 4th, 2012
The Avengers' space adventure concludes in a crash landing on the alien Kree homeworld, Hala, but Captain Mar-Vell's homecoming isn't very welcoming. Outnumbered, the Avengers' only hope is to convince the Supreme Intelligence, the ruler of the Kree Empire, that humanity is worth saving.

Story by Christopher Yost and Joshua Fine, Written by Christopher Yost
Directed by Steve Gordon
Review by RoyalRubble
Media by Marvel Animation, Marvel Animation Age

Pretty awesome conclusion to the Kree story-arc. Continuing directly from where the last episode left off, the Avengers find themselves in front of the Kree armada, which opens fire on them and forces them to crash land on the alien's home planet of Hala. Separated into two groups, the heroes try to survive the perils they encounter on this alien world. The episode felt a little rushed in some moments but for the most part it was good and I'm pretty impressed with how much they actually managed to fit into this episode, tying up most of the loose ends and offering a satisfying ending while also leaving more than enough room for sequels - if only the show had more seasons.

I really liked how the characters interacted in this episode. This is definitely the best episode to feature the expanded team of Avengers. And paired with the previous episode (technically the first part of this story), pretty much every member got his or her chance to shine. After so many episodes in a row where Captain America was pretty much the only hero the show focused on, it was about time we'd get a good, balanced story in terms of character screen-time. I'm not saying the past episodes were bad - quite the opposite, I pretty much loved all of them - but it's always nice to see almost the entire team roster in action, and this two-parter definitely offered this. Not only do we get to see some pretty awesome fight scenes but also some neat character moments. I loved the short scenes with Vision and Hawkeye, including the small reminder that one should never say how easy a fight is (which Vision learned the hard way back in "Emperor Stark"). The others obviously got some cool scenes as well, while fighting the Kree army and their leader, the Supreme Intelligence. I think Thor was the one who fought the most aliens this time, and it was pretty awesome seeing him in action. Black Panther also returns this episode, after seemingly dying in the previous episode. I wasn't sure if he'd survive or not his mission at the end of the first part but I'm glad to see him again. Even though it takes away from the impact his "sacrifice" had, the scene of him coming back to save the other Avengers turned out well. And I'm glad they gave us some pretty plausible explanation as to how he survived.

Captain Mar-Vell gets a good role here as well. He's the one who tries to reason with the Supreme Intelligence about allowing the humans the right to live and continue evolving, but without success. The Supreme Intelligence proves to be much to powerful for the Avengers; it can't be destroyed, but Mar-Vell manages to save everyone by de-powering it. I liked how this episode gives us a little insight on Kree history and ways of life, at least until this point in time - it would be nice to see how the Kree continue living under Mar-Vell's leadership. The one major complaint I have about this episode is the absence of Ronan the Accuser. We saw him escaping from the Hydro-Base in the first part of the story and I was expecting him to appear here to fight the Avengers once again. Or at least oppose Mar-Vell, since I doubt he would have agreed to him being the ruler of the Kree Empire. I guess this small plot would have been addressed if the show had at least one more season. But after the build-up from the last episode, I would have liked to see him again. He's a pretty cool character and possibly the strongest of the Kree. Another small complaint I have is about the Mar-Vell/Ms. Marvel relationship not getting a proper conclusion, something I wished would happen in every past episode where they shared some screen-time.

Even with all its flaws, I still loved this episode and I am glad we got some sort of conclusion to the Kree storyline which was present throughout pretty much the entire show's run. I can't believe there's only one episode left; here's hoping the series finale won't be too disappointing and we'll get a proper ending to this amazing show.

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