Episode #50 Operation: Galactic Storm
Original Airdate - October 21st, 2012
The alien Kree arrive to create a wormhole linking Earth's solar system to theirs, tearing the sun in half in the process. The Avengers must head into space and face the full might of the Kree empire in order to save the sun.

Story by Christopher Yost and Joshua Fine, Written by Christopher Yost
Directed by Boyd Kirkland
Review by RoyalRubble
Media by Marvel Animation, Marvel Animation Age

This episode was pretty awesome. We're finally back on track in regards to the Kree storyline, as the aliens return and are ready to activate a wormhole in proximity to Earth's Sun. This wormhole would link our planet to their galactic empire, but in the process the Sun would be torn in half - not that the Kree actually care about life on Earth, especially after the events from "Welcome to the Kree Empire", when the Supreme Accuser of their race, Ronan was defeated and taken prisoner by the Avengers. Now Earth's Mightiest Heroes alongside Captain Mar-Vell travel towards the Sun to stop the wormhole from activating and save the world. There's a lot of great stuff going on in this episode; some cool action scenes, neat character moments for a couple of characters and a pretty emotional scene towards the end all leading up to a nice cliffhanger.

I thought this episode did a good job focusing on multiple characters - apart from Captain America, like the previous few episodes, but also Hawkeye, Black Panther and even Yellowjacket, who hasn't really done anything worth mentioning since his introduction, so it was about time he got a chance to do more than have cameo appearances on the show. Captain Mar-Vell also gets some good scenes, with him explaining to the Avengers what the Kree are trying to do, and then helping them reach the Sun and fight the Kree soldiers present there. I was hoping he would share some more screen-time with Ms. Marvel but I guess there's still time for that in the next episode. Him upgrading the Quinjet's engine to enable it to travel through sub-space was a nice occasion to show how advanced these aliens actually are - this was basic engineering for these aliens, while Iron Man was amazed by all this. Yellowjacket is his usual crazy self, and gets a chance to cut loose fighting the Kree Stealth Ops agents aboard the Hydro-Base, sent there to free Ronan. Pairing Hank Pym with Abigail Brand here was pretty great; their interactions were fun to watch and I especially liked the pay-off with the bomb the Kree activated. Hank ultimately saves everyone aboard the base in a rather unique method (and is rewarded with a pretty well deserved punch), but meanwhile the Kree manage to save Ronan the Accuser and teleport him out of the prison. I wonder what role he'll play in the next part of the story.

Most of the episode though takes place in outer space where the other Avengers are fighting against Kree soldiers. It was also nice seeing another one of the Sentries which Black Panther defeats easily enough by simply teleporting it into the Sun. Even though the aliens are defeated the wormhole is activated and the only way to stop it is to hit all the generators at once - something only Hawkeye would be able to pull off. The Avengers follow him aboard the ship, knowing that once they travel through the wormhole they'll be trapped inside Kree space. Meanwhile Black Panther informs the others he needs to activate manually the tractor beam that will help them achieve their goal, but he won't have a chance to get out in time before his ship crashes into the Sun. While Cap refuses to let him there and wants to save him, Iron Man realizes this moment was what Kang mentioned back in "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow" - the decision Cap makes now will either save or doom the entire world. Reluctantly Cap agrees and Black Panther apparently sacrifices himself in order to save the others. I liked his little speech, about how it was a privilege to fight alongside the Avengers which made for a pretty emotional scene. While I personally really enjoyed T'Challa on this show and would like to see more of him, I am kind of hoping he didn't survive this adventure (and I can't really see how he would have escaped anyway) - it makes this ending all the more significant. And I think this is another one of those moments where comparisons to previous shows are pretty unavoidable: Black Panther's sacrifice here reminded me of Batman's similar action in the "Starcrossed" story-arc during the Justice League animated series.

Pretty nice cliffhanger ending: once Hawkeye manages to destroy the wormhole generators and the heroes think are safe, we see the Kree armada surrounding them. I'm definitely looking forward to see how the heroes will manage to get out of this, and what other pleasant surprises the show w

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