Episode #43 Ultron Unlimited
Original Airdate - August 19th, 2012
The Avengers are attacked by robotic versions of themselves as part of Ultron's plan to replace humanity. Each team member is captured one by one until Captain America stands alone against Ultron and his synthezoid Avengers.

Written by Christopher Yost
Directed by Roy Burdine
Review by RoyalRubble
Media by Marvel Animation Age

This episode continues both Ultron's and the Vision's story-arcs. An army of synthezoid Avengers lead by the Vision begin attacking the real heroes and start replacing them, one by one. This is just the first step of Ultron's master plan - replacing the entire human race with robots he will build. Besides all that, he has some special plans for the Wasp: he wants to transfer Jan's brain inside his future robot bride, Jocasta. The only complaint I really have about this episode is that Hank Pym was once again absent. I guess he didn't really have to appear in any of the previous episodes but this time, with Ultron being his creation I would have liked to see a confrontation between the two. Not to mention see how he'd react when he learns that his creation is basically trying to make Jan his bride. That would have been fun.

I really liked how this episode started; Miss Marvel versus Iron Man was a great way to start things off. Sure once we learn they are robot look-alikes the next fights are less surprising, but still enjoyable enough. It's too bad we didn't get to see how Iron Man was captured and replaced. Captain America is the Avenger who gets to be in the spotlight this episode. He's the one who manages to save the others by destroying his robot duplicate and taking its place. It was obvious he was the real Cap but he managed to trick the other robots and infiltrate Ultron's headquarters. Of course Ultron realizes he's not one of his robots and that starts the huge battle between the Avengers and their robot copies, which was pretty cool. I also liked how they brought back Cap's hologram-shield - I mentioned a couple of episodes ago that I was just getting used to it, before it got destroyed during the Skrull stroy-arc. Thor also got some great moments here and we see just how powerful he can be when needed. The others got some neat moments while fighting Ultron's robot army.

I liked how this episode portrayed the Vision, showing how he evolved from Ultron's robotic servant to the ultimately defeating his master, and start questioning his existence, and his belief that he should act more human to become "perfect", as Ultron intended him to be. His sacrifice towards the ending made for a great dramatic moment, and the Avengers' reactions to his speech just made it more touching. I'm sure they'll figure out a way to repair him, and I'm looking forward to him continuing his mission to become more human, most likely as a member of the team. It would be great if Ultron would also return and try to take control over his android again, but I doubt he will get another chance to fight the heroes by the time the show is over. I also liked how some of the other robot Avengers were starting to try and understand how humans think in order to fully copy them - it would have been interesting if by the end of the episode, Vision wasn't the only robot with a conscience but the destruction of the robots made for a great action scene.

Every episode featuring Ultron this show offered so far has been awesome, and this was no exception. Ultron's new design, with his Adamantium-covered body looked great. Despite the fact that the idea of the Avengers fighting copies of themselves has been used on the show before (towards the end of the Skrull's Secret Invasion storyline), and the robot-Avengers plot is very similar to the story from the Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow animated movie (though in that movie, it was the Avenger's children that had to fight the robots) this episode still has a lot of other stuff to offer. I always like it when heroes have to fight doppelgangers - be they shape-shifting aliens, robot copies, alternate versions of themselves from a parallel dimension, etc. Plus we got to see the Vision again - he got a fair share of character development in this just one episode, which lead to a pretty emotional ending. All in all, the episode was pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to see how the Vision will fair himself as an Avenger... as soon as he is repaired.