Episode #28 - Alone Against A.I.M.
Original Airdate - April 8th, 2012
Caught without his armor, Tony Stark faces A.I.M.'s latest creation, Technovore, a power-hungry monster. While Tony fights for his life, A.I.M. moves to steal the Iron Man armor itself, only to come face-to-face with Captain America, Black Panther and War Machine.

Written by Kevin Burke and Chris Wyatt
Directed by Boyd Kirkland
Review by RoyalRubble
Media by Marvel Animation Age

This episode was interesting, to say the least. I thought it felt more like an Iron Man show, with other Avengers being the guest-stars. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it was still a pretty awesome episode with some great scenes. Not only does this episode feature some of Iron Man's supporting cast, but also a closer look at Tony Stark's personal life, with him leading Stark International (and according to Pepper Potts not doing that great of a job lately). It was great seeing Pepper Potts again, and we get to see she can handle herself in some dangerous situations. We also get to see Rhodey again, and this time he finally puts on his own armor, becoming War Machine. Plus, Maria Hill returns as well, and continues to ask Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers to become registered superheroes, but Tony keeps on refusing.

Iron Man builds Captain America a new hologram shield, which looks pretty cool and I didn't expect it could be enlarged like that to protect more than one person from an explosion. There was enough action this episode, and every character got at least one great moment. The dialogue was good, the interactions between Tony and Pepper were great. As well as all the stuff going on between him and Maria Hill (pretty much continued from the episode "Hail, Hydra!", where Hill first came up with this "bright" idea to have all heroes register with SHIELD). Also, neat we got some more heroes mentioned like the Fantastic Four (already guest-starred in the previous episode), the X-Men and Spider-man (looking forward to any possible team-ups with them in the near future!). I know Wolverine had a small cameo back in "Meet Captain America", but I'm hoping more members of the X-Men will get a chance to show up. Actually the same goes for any other Marvel characters available to appear on the show.

The villains of this episode are A.I.M. lead by their Scientist Supreme, and Technovore, who was a pretty cool villain. I don't know much about the character from the comics (the only other time I saw him was on Iron Man: Armored Adventures, where I thought he was just a character created for that show, and not one from the comics). He looks creepy enough and proves to be a menace to the heroes but especially Tony and War Machine, because they're the ones he can feed on. I have no idea if after the events from this episode A.I.M. will appear again, but to be honest I didn't expect them to appear without MODOC either, like they did this time so I guess anything is possible.

So, by the end of the episode A.I.M. is defeated, Technovore is destroyed and all of Tony's data is safe... or is it? Captain America says he managed to save the hard-drive, but since he's secretly a Skrull agent in disguise, I expect the Skrulls will find something useful there to use against the Avengers. Overall, another great episode. Hill's constant desire to have all superheroes registered will most likely lead to some interesting things happening in the following episodes, and I still wonder where exactly Nick Fury is and what has he been doing since we last saw him. I suspect it has something to do with the Skrull invasion, and I'm looking forward to his return. As always, this show seems to be getting better and better with each new episode, and I hope the next episodes won't disappoint.

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