Billionaire inventor Tony Stark brings his matchless intellect to life in his greatest creation - the invincible IRON MAN armor! Capable of blasting Repulsor Rays at Mach 10 and withstanding heavy arms fire, Iron Man vigilantly seeks to rid the world of corruption. But as global threats escalate beyond even Iron Man's capacity, he must assemble the greatest Super Hero team in history… THE AVENGERS!

  • Iron Man is the leader of the Avengers
  • With his gifted mind, Tony Stark is a genius inventor
  • His inventions and business have made him a billionaire
  • Not content with a single Iron Man suit, Stark created multiple suits of high-tech armor, each specifically tailored for different situations
  • Stark has patented his Repulsor tech weapons that can fire concussive blasts at up to Mach 10
  • Tony has integrated J.A.R.V.I.S.' artificial intelligence into his armor as well as the Avengers' mansion systems, Quinjets and ID cards