Despite a brilliant tactical mind and a stockpile of Vibranium weapons, the warrior-prince T'Challa found himself in exile from his African nation of Wakanda. Secretive and suspicious by nature, the proud T'Challa doesn't come by allies easily. And yet to reclaim his throne and bring reform to his homeland, the BLACK PANTHER must pair his enhanced strength and senses with the only ones who can help him reclaim his kingdom… THE AVENGERS!

  • T'Challa is the rightful king and protector of the African nation of Wakanda
  • He possesses enhanced senses, strength and speed, making him live up to the name Panther
  • The Black Panther is highly intelligent but also very mistrusting
  • Thanks to his costume laced with Vibranium, the Panther has enhanced durability and the the ability to scale walls
  • To combat his more powerful enemies, T'Challa carries a variety of Vibranium weapons including his razor-sharp claws and explosive energy daggers